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Your Contribution Can Help A Damsel Seeking Aid ASAP Sacramento.
Categories: Freebies
Roommates Wanted
Ad Number: 27775
Date Posted: 01/01/2024
Contact: Tina
Sacramento, CA
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Hello and harmonious evening my name is
Tina Rodriguez. I am a humble contrite
child of God with aspiring goals
.respectable and decent I'm not going to
get into great detail because I know a lot
of people don't read through these posts
and it's in its entirety and I want to get
to the point I was raised by the Foster
Care group home system since his birth and
right now I am a homeless person I don't
like to use word home so I like to use the
word unhoused or to consider myself a
street ornament right now I am located
directly next door to the Front Street
animal shelter in Sacramento. I'm disabled
I'm trying to make my life better I'm not
a miscreant I'm respectable and for some
reasons beyond My control I ended up on
the streets while being out here I met up
with some other people that I thought were
my friends but they have stolen so many
things from me every body that I thought
was my friend robbed me use me and played
me. I'm doing whatever I can to be self-
sufficient and more independent because I
want to I want to be a contributing member
of society right now I'm a dire situation
here I have two cats one her name is Luna
she's 5 months old she's an Egyptian mouth
too I have a tabby she's 3 years old her
name is Kitty I'm in desperate dire need
of a tent some bedding some warm clothing
anything doesn't matter what condition as
long as it's warm any size 8 shoes that
are warm please a tarp maybe some
miscellaneous cash and or gift cards it's
been cold it's been raining and when
you're chilled to the Bone there's nothing
you can do if you're continuously left out
here in this harsh environment I don't
have any help or any resources or any
support I'm begging for the love of God
whoever reads this to self-centered and in
sensitive and not very compassionate or
forgiving but please don't direct me I'm
really into hell I want my cats and I to
live you know when you're chill to the
bone you can't smoke cuz you can't think
straight I'm disabled I have
arthritis..I'm willing to work hard
diligently and earnestly to earn whatever
I get in life.I've been wet and cold for
too long I need help my cats need help
please help us to survive please for the
love of God I beg of you thank you I'm in
a lot of pain I have arthritis I'm in pain
it's hard to even focus and concentrate
right now and I don't want to die if
hypothermia please thank you.

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