Promote Your Local Bay Area Business

In the past it made no real sense for a local brick and mortar business to advertise on-line. Why on earth would Bob's Burgers want to advertise on a the World Wide Web. Like somebody in Duluth Minnesota would really fly out here to buy his burgers.

Unlike the other search engines and directories on the Internet, serves only the local Bay Area. Each submission on our local search has to be approved by our staff before it is added to our directory. This practice assures that our users will be confident that when looking for local businesses, merchandise or services they will only get results from the local Bay Area.

For the local business, will allow exposure to the entire Bay Area. In reality listing your business in a telephone directory is only beneficial for the immediate area the phone book covers. Lets say you have a shoe store in San Leandro and someone in Hayward is trying to find a new outlet for shoes. They will never find your store unless you pay the additional charges to have your business listed in all the surrounding areas phone books. Once you have paid the extra cost, there goes any profit you could have realized. But on our Directory you get full coverage to anywhere in the Bay Area. And since we have the numerous categories you can list in, there is no need to worry about the customers not knowing your business name.

Advertising on is amongst the most inexpensive means to promote your business. By now I'm sure you have been approached by other On-Line marketers with fantastic deals. Look close at what they offer, limited amounts of "views", a text listing on a directory that includes businesses from around the world or a brief mention in their e-mail that is sent world wide. At BayWideWeb we offer full 30 day inclusion on our site. Your banner or text ad will be active on our rotator for a full month, regardless of how many views it gets.

Additionally, is on the world wide web so persons looking to do business with Bay Area businesses will be able to use our directory to find them.

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