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We have selected some of the more interesting e-mails that we have received and have posted them here for everybody to enjoy. To add to your enjoyment we have elected to lower the resolution and downsize the files so you will spend more time reading and laughing than you do waiting for the downloads. Enjoy...

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A History Lesson (very interesting).

Super Man Being a Real Jerk.

A Classic Case of Grandma Abuse.

The CIA had an opening for an assassin.

Forgive Your Enemies.


Sex at 95.

Secrets For a Lasting Marriage

2 Deaf People Get Married


Funny Celebrity Sayings

How They Make Ice Cream.

20 Year Sentence

God Against the Devil

A Blind Man's Meal

Aching Testicles

Healthy Insanity

Reflection in My Mirror


The Top 8 Idiots

Male & Female Nouns

All Men are men

Taste test

What Do?

Bush & the Pope

Employee Review

Bad American George Carlin

Evolution of Man & Woman


The Brick Layer

How to Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket

10 Dot Com Failure Signs

Why Mom's don't let Dad give the Baby a bath

The TRUE meaning of Self Confidence

Who's is the Best Invention?

Need a Job / Not My Job

The Vasectomy

Too Cute

The New Ferrari


Gas Prices

Sign on a Golf Course


Some Days.....

Spaghetti (attorney joke)

Old Rooster

Red Zone


"R" Rated Nursery Rhymes

The Truth in 13 Words

Do the Screw

Weather Report


Doctor Visit

The Atheist

Barbara Walter Report


Knowledge Age Brings

3 Good Arguments About Jesus

Lord, if you are out there...

The Taxi Cab Ride

God is Watching

Answered Prayers

Count Your Blessings

The World is Like it is, Because we Said OK

Facts of Life

Do You Have The Time?

How to Stay Young & Happy

A Soldiers Perspective

The Stock Boy and the Check-Out Girl

Jesus and Satan

Grandma's Shoe's

Choose How to Start Your day

The Trouble Tree

Checking in Today

God's Voice Mail

A Thousand Marbles

The Box

Five Great Lessons

My Son

White Roses

A True Friend

You Live and Learn

Something to Ponder

Deep Thoughts

The Lord's Prayer

A Wish For You

Trading Memories





When You Thought I Wasn't Looking

The Speeding Ticket

I Could Do It

Time and Friends

Letter From Grandma

Cute Kid Stories

If God Had,

Did Anyone Ever Tell You?

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