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Truth About Love & Friends

A Smile For You

Great Truths About Life

The Surgeon & the Boy

The Street Race

What A Woman Would Never Say

Advantages of Breast Milk

Tater People

The Drunk and the Priest

Excerpts From a Dogs Life

Excerpts From a Cats Life

Headed to the Nympho Convention

Russia vs Nasa

Why Stick People are Extinct

Therapists Advice to Relieve Stress

The Stella Awards

What Women Really Want

Ya Gotta Love Drunks

How to Know You are Living in the2000's

The First Womens Only Parking Lot

Lawyers Questions

Why, if, does, is etc....

Oil Change Instructions

How Company Policy Begins

Something To Offend Everyone

Aint It The Truth

Gifts to Mother

Payback Jokes

Bet You Jump to Conclusions

Government Announcement

When Using the "F" Word Was Appropriate

Testosterone test on a 75 year-old-man

Clearing out the Hypocrites

A Farmer & His Mule.

Think You Got Problems?

Truth about Life

Mini Skirt

Austin Powers Pick-Up Lines

Tested Positive 4 Coke

Dumb Blonde Jokes

Male Bashing

Stray Bar

Earths Population



What to do with your Junk Mail

Sign Here

Smile for You

Good Lord Ethel

A Carrot Ain't Worth This

Emotional Needs

Why Men Aren't Secretaries

Hidden Image

An Angry Wife

Don't Step On It

Getting Home Late

Bastard Kill's Family Pet!

Guy's Keep Your Mouth Shut

Then and Now

Third Boob

Only in America

Bessie the Cow

I've Learned

Two Fishermen

Letter from Jesus

2 Jokes

A Man and His Ostrich

Mini Me (Bush)

F in Sex

From The Cat

Perfect Couple

Bear Alert

Buy a Brain


Death Row Redneck

Women's Bumper Stickers

Jake, Johnny and Billy Bob

Clean Jokes

Lifes Reflections

Cat's & Dogs

How This All Began

My Mother Taught Me

One Wish

Stages of Success

Management Lessons

3 Old Sisters

Igloo Contractors

Think You Know Everything?

Chief's Almanac

A Rottweiler Named Jesus

Clyde The Farmer

Daily Dosage of Zen

The Farmer and the Little Old Lady

Redneck Poet

Hooker Parrots

Make Her Feel Like A Woman

More Attorney Jokes

Parrot Has a New Madam

Revenge - No Mexicans

Not in Our Garden!

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