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I just married a 24 year old...

Now that's how you wave a towel!

I'm A Working Girl

"In God We Trust"

Only 24 Hours To Live

The Tale of The Fly

There's Truth in Everything

Ultimate in Stereotyping

Bush: What Afghanistan

Oop's, Wrong Number

The Bus Drivers and the Purse

The Blonde Stewardess

He's Wearing An Earring!!!

Teaching math through the years

Wisdom, as I've matured

The Blonde and the Lawyer

I don't look as old as he does

There Were Two Nuns

Think You Know it All II

The Truth About Working Out

Hijack Prevention

The Lost Chapters of Genesis

Something wrong with my penis

Pucker Up

How did we survive childhood?

Dam fish for sale

A woman awakes during the night

Mental Hospital Answering Machine

Jock, the painter

Top 15 human peeves for dogs

Pigs For sale!

Fly Hunting

Health and Fitness, in the work place

Firewood Chopped For Free

Why God created Children

A list to keep

Moses, God and computers

Why we love children

More for you to read

Medical research

The Bi-lingual lawyer


More Clinton Jokes

Three Little Pigs

View on aging

Life reflections

The Atheist and the Grizzly Bear

Food for thought

The Irish Setter and the Leopard

Why would you want to live to 80?

The Lab report and cat scan

Why parents have gray hair

Bathroom Accidents

Blonde Copying a Word Document

A catnap

President Bush's reading lesson

Worse Jobs

You thought your job was scary

Cutting back on caffeine

It finally happened

Worlds First Remote Control

No Fish Under the Ice

Little Helpers

Finders Keepers

Are You The Weakest Link?

Golf Balls

Swimming With Sharks

You Thought Your Job Sucked

Meaning of S.O.B.

First Sex Site With Sound

They WANT you to run away

50 years to learn


A mans final wish

April fool

Because I'm drunk

Big City Lawyer

Considerate man

Dear Mom and Dad

Devil came to the service

Did you ever wonder

Female hormones in beer

GM vs Bill Gates

Little Old Ladies

Man at welfare office


Medical Humor

Well, she has no more hiccups

Old fogies remember

Psychiatrist and the valley girl

Redneck Logic


Rules from the male side

Sure We Are In Good Hands

Thats where I buried the GUNS


tourists driving through Wisconsin

Two Funny Jokes

Two Irish Men

Very Interesting Facts

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